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Are you ready for Xmas? Don’t miss the most wonderful time of the year for sales!

Halloween, Black Friday and Xmas are right around the corner. It is a time full of happiness and festivities, but if you are a merchant of on demand printed custom apparel, it is the best time of the year for sales! 

This means that you need to get your new collections ready and start pushing your marketing efforts right now!

The first step for this is connecting your Shopify account to us and completing your account creation for Printsome On Demand (if you didn’t do it yet). IT ONLY TAKES 2 MINUTES!!! Learn how by clicking here.

Then you can start creating your products at Printsome and make them available in your Shopify store. 

Why should you get started right now? 

If you onboard today you need to create your first products, then order and receive your sample items. After this, you can start selling without any delays, but your first customers will get their orders in about two weeks from today (if you and your customers are both in the UK) or up to 3 weeks (if you and your customer are both in Europe). By then Halloween season will be already hot and your competitors will launch their Black Friday and Xmas marketing activities. 

If you don’t hurry, you will start the season behind your competitors.

Things to consider

Our turnaround times:

(From order placed to end customer delivery)

  • To the UK: from 3 to 5 business days.
  • To Europe: from 6 to 9 business days.
  • To Rest of the World: from 9 to 14 business days. 
Launching your collections and campaigns: 
  • You need to prepare your promotion for your website, shop and other sales channels.
  • You need to prepare your promotion for social media networks.
  • You need to test and optimise your marketing activities, so your promotion costs won’t eat too much of your margins.
Black Friday and Xmas Shipping Jams:

Don’t forget that Black Friday and pre-Xmas are the busiest periods in e-commerce, which means that the couriers and shipping industry gets overloaded and delivery delays are expected. It will affect your competitors too, but the sooner you start selling, the better for delivering on time to your customers. 

December Production and Shipment:

We know that it is hard to believe, but our printers also have families and enjoy December’s holidays. In the UK the printing industry “closes” between December 20th and January 6th. Therefore, any order received after December 20th will be produced after January 6th. 

Also take into account that if you want your orders to get delivered by December 24th, in the UK orders need to be placed before December 16th and European orders need to be placed before December 10th to ensure delivery before Christmas Day.

How to connect Shopify to Prinstome and create an account

If you want to connect your Shopify to the Printsome On Demand platform, head over to the Shopify app store, add the Printsome On Demand App and create an account. If you need help doing this, that is not a problem. Find a step by step guide and tutorial on how to create an account by clicking here.

If you need any assistance, you can drop us a message here.

Updated on February 17, 2020

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