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Placing an order for 1 garment with a Back Print through Order Desk

In this article, we will tell you exactly what steps you need to follow to place an order through Order Desk. This particular article will explain how to place 1 order for a garment with only a Back Print.

The first step to follow is to head over https://www.orderdesk.com/ and login into using your username and password

Adding a new order
  • Once logged in, you will arrive on your dashboard, there click ‘Add New Order’ in the left sidebar
Click ‘Add New Order’ within your Order Desk dashboard
Adding Order Details and Shipping Address
  • You are now able to create an order. The first step within this process is adding the Order Details and Shipping Address. Fill in all of the empty fields, all of them are mandatory except for the ‘State’ field and the ‘Address’ 2 to 4. ‘State’ is not necessary and 1 address is enough.
  • IMPORTANT: For the Country Code you need to use the country two digits code, in capital letters, as specified in the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 that you can review here.
Adding ‘Order Details’ and ‘Shipping Address’ when adding a new order
Adding a Name for your order
  • After filling in all the mandatory fields, it is necessary that you enter a name for your order. Scroll down and fill in a name for your order in the field underneath ‘Name’. This can be whatever you want it to be. After adding a name to your order, scroll down and press ‘Save New Order’.
Adding a name for your order
Checking your order number
  • After saving your order, you will be able to see your order, and more importantly, your order number.
Checking the number for the order you just created
Looking for your order number in the ‘All Orders’ tab

After checking your order number, navigate to ‘All Orders’ within the Dashboard on the left on your screen. Once in here, look for the order number for the order you just created.

Looking for the number for the order you just created in the ‘All Orders’ tab
Clicking on the order name
  • Once you have found your order, click on the order number and you will arrive at the order screen again. From here, click on the name you created for your order.
Click on the name you gave your order
Adding variations for your order
  • After clicking on the order name, you will be able to edit the item. From here, you are going to have to add variations to your order. You can do this by clicking ‘Add Variation’ in the edit screen.
  • The “Set Variations” column will be the field name for the customised fields you need to add in order to make us receive all the information we need for your product.
  • The fields’ column at the right is the specific values you need to add for specifying the details of the products you want us to print and drop ship for you. Please check our Product & Codes Guide for Order Desk article, there are the specific SKU, Color Codes and Sizes available in our catalogue.
  • You then will need to add “Variations” (fields) as follows:
Click add variations in the edit screen. You will be able to enter ‘names’ and ‘values
Adding Names and Values for your order
  • To create an order for a garment with only a Front Print, you will always have to add the same Names. The Values differ depending on what garment you want to order, in what size, in what color and with what design on it. Check the table below and the image under the next paragraph for clarification:
print_skuThe SKU for the garment you want to print on
sizeAdd the size, this has to be in caps. For example: M.
colorThe garment color, the first letter needs to be in caps. For example: Red.
print_location_1For a Back Print, add Back
print_url_1A URL that shows your design
preview_url_1A URL that shows the desired garment with design on it
  • Check here the complete list of codes for SKUs, Colors and Sizes codes available in Our Catalogue.
  • IMPORTANT: Please notice that we only are able to receive correctly orders with the correct SKUs, Colors and Sizes codes from our catalogue.
  • IMPORTANT: you need to provide the print and preview URLs from a server we can use. For example: Dropbox. Read here our guide on How to Generate Print and Preview URLs in Dropbox.
Saving after adding desired names and values
  • After adding all the names and desired values, click ‘Save Item’.
Adding your the names and values for a Back print
Sending order to Printsome
  • After saving the variations you added to your item, send the order to Printsome. You can do this by clicking the ‘Printsome’ button with the arrow in front of it. Look at the image below for clarification.
Sending your order to Printsome
Checking if your order came through

The final step in ordering 1 garment with a Back Print through Order Desk is to check if it actually came through. After clicking the ‘Printsome’ button with the arrow in front of it (as described in the paragraph above), you should see ‘Order Submitted to Printsome’ in the bottom of your screen. For clarification, look at the image below.

Checking if your order actually came through

That is it! Printsome will now receive your order, fulfill it and ship it to the end customer. You have now placed an order for a garment with Back Print through Order Desk.

Updated on November 20, 2019

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